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Embedded software samples for BlueCoin: data streaming via USB and BLE, logging on SD card, audio acquisition via USB and on SD card, and playback

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Product overview


The STSW-BCNKT01 firmware package for BlueCoin Starter kit provides sample projects for the development of custom applications.

Built on STM32Cube software technology, it includes all the low level drivers to manage the on-board devices and system-level interfaces.

The package comes with the Audio_SD, DataLog, AudioLoop, BLE_SampleApp and Gesture Recognition applications.

The Audio_SD application allows saving the audio captured by the on-board microphones on SD card as a common .wav file.

The DataLog application features sensor raw data streaming via USB (Virtual COM Port class) and sensor data storage on SD card.

The BLE_SampleApp provides a sample Bluetooth low energy configuration that enables BlueCoin to stream environmental sensor data; it is compatible with the STBLESensor app available for Android and iOS.

The Gesture Recognition application exploits the Time-of-Flight ranging sensors to detect the distance of a target object, and some simple gestures such as directional swipe and tap.

  • All features

    • Complete firmware suite to build applications on BlueCoin development kit using:STM32F446 high-performance microcontrollermotion sensorsmicrophone arraypressure sensortemperature sensorproximity sensors
    • Based on STM32Cube, the consistent and complete embedded software for STM32 that maximizes portability between all STM32 series and frees the user from dependency issues
    • An Audio_SD application which allows saving the audio captured by the on-board microphone on SD card as a common .wav file
    • A DataLog application which allows the real-time transmission of all sensor data to a PC via serial port or to save/log sensor data to file on an SD card
    • An AudioLoop application which sends audio signals acquired by the microphones to USB (Audio IN Class) and to an on-board DAC via I²S interface
    • A Gesture Recognition application to configure Time-of-Flight ranging sensors and gesture detection middleware.
    • A BLE_SampleApp which provides an example of Bluetooth low energy configuration
    • A third party FAT file system middleware for small embedded systems
    • Freely available in source code from

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