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Firmware for the STDES-BLUEPLUG2 reference design

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Product overview


STSW-BLUEPLUGFW software enables STDES-BLUEPLUG2 reference design to measure and control electrical devices plugged in via a standard outlet.

The embedded STPM32 measures the electrical parameters and sends them to the BLUENRG-M2SP module over USART.

The BLUENRG-M2SP transmits the data received via Bluetooth to the ST BLE PLUG Android app to display them on the metering panel.

The app can be used to turn the load ON/OFF, as well as for scheduling, dimming features and metering parameters.

  • All features

    • Wireless connectivity over BLE
    • Zero cross detection
    • Dimming using TRIAC
    • Android application (ST BLE PLUG available on Google Play) to:
      • measure energy parameters (metering)
      • set the time to put the load ON or OFF (scheduling)
    • NFC interface to configure the design and store the logs (RFU)
    • Source code freely available with developer-friendly license terms

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