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Software development kit for BlueTile, including sensor data streaming over BLE, HID peripheral and Beacon

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Product overview


The STSW-BLUETILE-DK extends the STSW-BLUENRG1-DK evaluation SW package for the BlueNRG-1 and BlueNRG-2 Bluetooth Low-Energy systems-on-chip by adding drivers for all sensors on the BlueTile kit, middleware libraries, and several BLE application examples.

One of the libraries in the package is the outstanding MotionFX library, which implements real-time motion-sensor data fusion through various sophisticated algorithms based on specific phenomena to estimate the orientation of an object in space. Another featured library is the BlueVoice library, which applies ADPCM compression on a PCM audio stream and then performs half-duplex (one-way) streaming of compressed data over a wireless BLE link.

The sample applications provide a very good starting point from which to develop your own applications with working code for typical BLE and sensor functionality. These applications include BLE Direct Test Mode for real-time interaction with the BlueNRG-2 wireless system-on-chip, BLE Beacon to enable the advertising of user-programmable data to multiple BLE devices, BLE HID Peripheral to emulate a wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse, and the BLE Sensor Demo for real-time streaming of sensor data to the ST BLE Sensor app running on an Android or iOS mobile device.

  • All features

    • BlueNRG-2 peripheral drivers
    • BlueNRG-2 SDK software development kit
    • BlueTile sensors drivers for LSM6DSO, LIS2MDL, LPS22HH, HTS221, VL53L1X and MP34DT05-A
    • BLE software stack with HAL (hardware abstraction layer), and CryptoLib
    • BlueVoice library to perform ADPCM compression and stream voice over BLE half-duplex
    • MotionFX library to estimate spatial orientation through real-time motion-sensor data fusion
    • BLE Reset Manager basic application to support firmware over-the-air (OTA) update
    • BLE DTM (Direct Test Mode) application to enable real-time interaction between BlueNRG-2 and a dedicated graphical user interface STSW-BNRGUI
    • BLE Beacon application to advertise programmable data
    • BLE HID peripheral application to emulate HID devices such as a wireless keyboard or mouse
    • BLE Sensor Demo application to enable real-time streaming of sensor data to the ST BLE Sensor app running on a smartphone

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