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Firmware example for compressor motors

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Product overview


The STSW-CTM011 is a reference firmware generated for IAR v8.5. It works on the STEVAL-CTM011V1 and on the STEVAL-CTM012V1 with one-shunt resistor (default configuration).

You can download the firmware on the STSPIN32F0601Q through the SWD port.

To generate the firmware using X-CUBE-MCSDK, follow the procedure described in UM2962 for the STEVAL-CTM011V1 evaluation board and UM2963 for the STEVAL-CTM012V1 evaluation board.

  • All features

    • Firmware example for the STEVAL-CTM011V1 and STEVAL-CTM012V1 evaluation boards
    • Designed for the STSPIN32F0601Q intelligent motor controller
    • Suitable to be integrated into X-CUBE-MCSDK workflow

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