Android APK for STEVAL-IDI005V1 evaluation board

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The STSW-IDI005APK is an Android app to enable evaluation of the STEVAL-SP1ML868 USB dongle based on the SPIRIT1 module. The dongle can be connected to the USB port of an Android phone/tablet that supports USB OTG, using a micro/mini USB adapter. The STSW-IDI005APK Android app can be launched once the board is connected and starts operating. The app features a dedicated activity enabling the user to connect the STEVAL-IDI005V1 board over sub-GHz and send sensor data to the app. Communication between the STEVAL-SP1ML868 dongle and the STEVAL-IDI005V1 is P2P over sub-GHz. The STEVAL-IDI005V1 embeds the SP1ML-868 at 868 MHz, HTS221 and LIS2DH devices.
The Android app also supports all generic AT commands supported by the firmware of the STEVAL-SP1ML dongle. To evaluate the dongle, the user can connect one dongle to the Android phone/tablet, and the other to another tablet or Windows PC. The steps required to work with the dongle are explained in the detail in the user manual.
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    • Android app to evaluate the STEVAL-SP1ML868 USB dongle when connected to an Android phone or tablet
    • Can be used to receive sensor information from the STEVAL-IDI005V1 board
    • Runs all AT commands supported by the FW on the STEVAL-SP1ML868 board

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