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IO-Link multi port solution

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Product overview


This firmware package integrates the IO-Link stack library in the application layer to support the STEVAL-IDP003V1x sensor node.

The firmware is built on STM32Cube architecture and uses the STM32Cube library to implement the application layer. The IO-Link communication layer is instead based on a stack library by TEConcept provided in compiled format.

  • All features

    • IO-Link stack v1.1 compatible
    • Package developed for STM32 microcontrollers with ARM® Cortex®-M0+ core:
    • Portable across other STM32 platforms
    • Dedicated API to support following sensors embedded on specific expansion boards available in the STEVAL-IDP003V1 kit:
      • Proximity VL6180X (STEVAL-IDP003V1P)
      • Temperature sensor STTS751 (STEVAL-IDP003V1T)
      • Accelerometer IIS328DQ -(STEVAL-IDP003V1A)
      • Accelerometer for vibration evaluation IIS2DH (STEVAL-IDP003V1V)
    • Embedded algorithm for vibration power spectrum using FFT calculation
    • Dedicated API for Inclination calculation

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