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Ultrasound Pulser Waveform Demonstration Setup

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The STSW-IME011 ultrasound pulser waveform user interface (UPWUI) is the companion graphical user interface of the STEVAL-IME011V1, STEVAL-IME011V2, STEVAL-IME012V1 and STEVAL-IME013V1 ultrasound pulser IC evaluation boards. The software provides a means for users to discover the full potential of ST's high voltage ultrasound pulser ICs in a simple and user-friendly manner.

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    • Enables full control of the STEVAL-IME011V1, STEVAL-IME011V2, STEVAL-IME012V1, STEVAL-IME013V1 ultrasound pulser IC evaluation boards
    • Up to 4 program memory locations to store waveforms
    • Automatic preview of the waveforms during generation

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