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Product overview


The STSW-IMG020 is a graphical user interface (GUI) for Windows 7 and Windows 10. The GUI controls the P-NUCLEO-53L1A2 pack which consists of the X-NUCLEO-53L1A2 expansion board connected to the STM32F401RE nucleo board.

It is possible to control one VL53L1 external breakout board when it is connected to the X-NUCLEO-53L1A2 expansion board through one of the dedicated connectors.

The VL53L1 is a state-of-the-art, ToF (Time-of-Flight), laser-ranging, miniature sensor enhancing STMicroelectronics’ FlightSense product family. Housed in a miniature and reflowable package, it integrates a SPAD (single photon avalanche diode) array, physical infrared filters, and optics to achieve the best ranging performance in various ambient lighting conditions, with a wide range of cover windows.

To install the STSW-IMG020 GUI, refer to the X-NUCLEO-53L1A2 quick-start guide.

  • All features

    • Live display of:
      • ranging distance in centimeters
      • signal strength
    • Region of interest (ROI) on the sensing array; size and position are programmable
    • Calibration procedure
    • Maximum and minimum ranging threshold controls
    • Ranging data logging

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