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Liquid Level Monitoring Code Example using Time-of-Flight sensors

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Product overview


Based on ST Time-of-Flight ranging sensors, the liquid level monitoring solutions can work with the VL53L4CD Time-of-Flight high accuracy proximity sensor or VL53L5CX Time-of-Flight 8x8 multizone ranging sensor with wide field of view.

The innovative ST solutions using FlightSense technology allow the user to use a non mechanical sensor to measure the level of a liquid, reducing the risk of corrosion and rust. The ST solution provides a very accurate measurement with a wide variety of liquids measured, from transparent like water to dark like fuel.

The solution includes two application example codes ready to use. With the associated technical documentation, it is very simple to start evaluation and integration. A complete ecosystem based on both sensors is available to ease the customer to create his own application. To run the example code, an expansion board (X-NUCLEO-53L4A1 or X-NUCLEO-53L5A1) is required with a NUCLEO-F401RE. You can also use the breakout boards (SATEL-VL53L4CD or VL53L5CX-SATEL) for easy and fast prototyping.

Specifically designed for proximity and short-range measurements, the VL53L4CD provides very accurate distance measurements from only 1 mm up to 1300 mm. A new generation laser emitter with 18° FoV improves performances under ambient light, with ranging speed up to 100 Hz.

The VL53L5CX allows multi-zone distance measurements with up to 8x8 real time native zones and a wide 63° diagonal field of view. Each zone of the sensor can measure the distance to a target at up to 4 meters, with a maximum frequency of 60 Hz. With ST’s patented histogram algorithms, the VL53L5CX is able to detect multiple objects within the FoV and ensures immunity to cover glass crosstalk beyond 60 cm.

  • All features

    • Complete technical package including:
      • Application example codes ready to use
      • Technical application notes
    • Two FlightSense products supported:
      • VL53L4CD Time-of-Flight high accuracy proximity sensor STSW-IMG039_L4CD code example AN5851 application note
      • VL53L5CX Time-of-Flight 8x8 multizone ranging sensor with wide field of view STSW-IMG039_L5CX code example AN5843 application note
    • Benefits of liquid level monitoring based on FlightSense technology:
      • Very high accuracy whatever the liquid
      • No mechanical parts, more robust solution
      • Low complexity and small-scale design
      • Can monitor large variety of liquids
      • No physical contact with liquid limiting corrosion and rust
      • "All-in-one sensor" easy to integrate, and can be hidden behind a dark cover glass
      • Low power consumption and ease of integration in any architecture

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