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IO-Link v1.1.3 sensor software for P-NUCLEO-IOD01A1

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Product overview


The STSW-IOD01 software package runs on the NUCLEO-L053R8 and NUCLEO-L073RZ development boards and provides a straightforward platform for the evaluation of IO-Link sensor modules and the features of the L6362A transceiver.

The package includes an IO-Link Stack v.1.1.3 library and the drivers for the L6362A transceiver mounted on the STEVAL-IOD003V1 evaluation board, and MEMS sensors mounted on the X-NUCLEO-IKS01A2 expansion board.

The stack library (runtime limited to 30 minutes) contains the majority of the required IO-Link features, including Start-up, Pre-Operate, Operate, ISDU, and Events (excluding Data Storage and Block Parameter management).

The package includes the IODD configuration file to be uploaded to your IO-Link master system.

The STSW-IOD01 software, developed by TEConcept GmbH, is compatible with STM32CubeIDE 1.3.0, EWARM v8.32.3 and MDK-ARM v5.29.0.0 IDEs.

  • All features

    • Software package to build applications for the L6362A device transceiver
    • GPIO, UART and IRQ configuration
    • Smart architecture based on IO-Link stack library and source code communicating through API
    • Sample implementation available on NUCLEO-L053R8 and NUCLEO-L073RZ development boards

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