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STSW-ISA192V1 firmware

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The STSW-ISA192V1 firmware package demonstrates the key features of the VIPer0P zero power mode (ZPM) on the STEVAL-ISA192V1 7 W dual (-5 V and +7 V) output flyback converter.

Zero power mode is an idle state with no switching activity. A STM32L0x microcontroller is connected to the VIPer0P for smart ZPM management and the microcontroller is supplied by the VIPer0P itself during the idle state.

VIPer0P enters ZPM by pulling the OFF pin to SGND for more than 10 ms and exits ZPM (resuming normal switching) by pulling the ON pin to SGND for more than 20 μs.

The STM32L0 microcontroller on the STEVAL-ISA192V1 detects tactile push buttons and capacitive touch interface. It manipulates VIPer0P to achieve minimum power consumption during ZPM (less than 30 mW @ 230 VAC in ZPM) , while supplying the microcontroller and maintaining the user interface active (capacitive touch and push button) and still achieving high overall efficiency during normal operation.

  • All features

    • Implementation of the firmware for the STEVAL-ISA192V1 board is based on STM32L0xx microcontroller. It features:
      • Demonstration of Viper0P zero power mode (ZPM)
      • Stop mode of STM32L0xx
      • Capacitive touch sensing
    • Based on the comprehensive STM32Cube framework software for STM32 MCU that maximizes portability across the entire STM32 series without hardware dependency issues
    • Source code freely available with developer-friendly license terms
    • Free, user-friendly license terms

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