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EVAL-L9026-Y0 Graphical User Interface

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Product overview


STSW-L9026-Y0 is the PC Graphical User Interface (GUI) dedicated to set and control EVAL-L9026-YO hardware tool for evaluation of L9026 Configurable multi-channels driver 2HS + 6HS/LS.

STSW-L9026-Y0 allows the control of all the L9026 functionalities thanks to multiple tab for configuration, Loads ON/OFF switch, internal PWM generators configuration, complete diagnostics monitoring, register level control.

In order to work with EVAL-L9026-Y0, STSW-L9026-Y0 GUI needs a PT&S Connect (order code: PTSCONNECTUM) tool to communicate with the host PC.

  • All features

    • Complete graphical user interface (GUI) for EVAL-L9026-YO evaluation board
    • Can be used to evaluate L9026 via EVAL-L9026-YO
    • Allows the control of all the L9026 functionalities such as internal PWM generators, HS/LS configurations, ON/OFF load switch. Two parallel inputs are also available to control dedicated outputs
    • High-level and register level control of L9026 are available
    • Complete diagnostic monitoring
    • To be used with PT&S Connect (order code PTSCONNECTUM)

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