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L9908 Low Level Driver Software Library

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Product overview


The STSW-L9908-LLD Software driver is a MISRA compliant software written in "C" that enables the operation of the STSW-L9908-LLD Gate Driver Unit.
  • All features

    • Written in "C" code
    • MISRA compliant
    • Provides handling of all main features of L9908 for AA or BA silicon version
    • Driver is able to control up to 3 L9908 drivers and switch handling between them
    • Includes handling functions:
      • Driver objects handling (to takeover control between all L9908 GDU in the project)
      • Control SPI registers for read or write operations (with SPI packets creating, parsing, CRC processing, automatic frame counter control, handling of register lock management: SRR, NSR, SLR)
      • Driver initialization
      • L9908 internal state machine handling
      • Fault management
      • Watchdog control
      • High impedance (HiZ) control
      • Current reading and processing
      • Driver ENBR and NDIS pins control
      • Reading operational mode

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