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Firmware for the STEVAL-LLL002V1 evaluation kit

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Product overview


The STSW-LLL002FW firmware implementation is based on the 8-bit automotive grade STM8AF6266 microcontroller, allowing configuration and control of the ALED1262ZT LED driver over I²C interface.

The firmware has been designed for the STEVAL-LLL002V1 evaluation kit to demonstrate ALED1262ZT features and is used for application development in automotive rear lights with pattern animations.

The embedded GUI (STSW-LLL002GUI) allows you to control buttons, write/read configuration registers and individual channel brightness, as well as to program up to 20 LED patterns with variable transition speed or use four preconfigured patterns.

  • All features

    • Various pre-configured LED patterns based on ALED1262ZT
    • Brightness and speed control
    • ALED1262ZT LED demo
    • STSW-LLL002GUI graphical user interface with three operating modes:
      • Basic mode, replicating on-board control buttons, to write/read control registers, and with open circuit error detection at different frequencies
      • Advanced mode for individual channel brightness control
      • Frame programming mode with programmable and pre-configured LED patterns
    • USB-UART bridge (STEVAL-LLL002D1) for PC-MCU communication
    • Source code freely available with developer-friendly license terms

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