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GUI for STEVAL-LLL002V1 evaluation kit for rear automotive lighting applications

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Product overview


This PC application provides a graphical interface to control the 4 x 12 LED lighting array and monitor the fault detection capabilities of the STEVAL-LLL002V1 evaluation kit, which is designed to represent rear automotive LED lighting applications and features an STM8AF6266 microcontroller and four ALED1262ZT automotive-grade LED drivers.

The GUI connects quickly once the STEVAL-LLL002V1 array board and UART bridge are properly connected, and 12 - 24 V DC power is supplied. You can then begin manipulating any or all of the 48 red LEDs on the array board using separate interfaces for basic and advanced mode control.

The GUI also provides a special third interface for designing and recording custom animations and patterns that you can subsequently download and run on the LED driver array board.

  • All features

    • Auto port selection and board identification
    • Dedicated help section
    • Basic Mode:
      • enable or disable hardware buttons
      • driver error detection and visualization
      • collective and individual LED on and off switching
      • read and write configuration registers
    • Advanced Mode:
      • individual channel brightness control
    • Frame Programming:
      • program up to 4 preset animation patterns on board
      • design and preview custom animation patterns
      • set frame counts and delays

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