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Windows GUI for debugging the LNBH25xx and LNBH26xx LNB supply and control ICs via IAA?C bus

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Product overview


LNBH25-36 GUI can be used to read, check, change and write all the internal registers of the device under test (D.U.T.) and simplifies the control of the register table thanks to its user friendly graphical interface for Windows.

All the D.U.T. parameters are programmable through slider, check-LED and text controls in the GUI. The LNBH25-36 GUI communicates with the D.U.T. application board through an ST USB-GPIO interface that provides the correct protocol to drive the D.U.T.

  • All features

    • USB 1.x / 2.0 compliant adapter
    • I²C programming mode
    • Fully compatible with LNBH25 and LNBH36 register map
    • Upgradeable firmware for the ST USB-GPIO Interface
    • User-friendly 32-/64-bit graphic user interface for Windows
    • No external power supply needed for the USB-GPIO interface

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