BlueNRG-LP BLE Profiles SW package

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The STSW-LP-PROFILES SW package provides the Bluetooth Low Energy standard profiles in binary format and supports the BlueNRG-LP Bluetooth Low Energy (LE)system-on-chip. The SW package also provides a set of profiles test applications allowing basic Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) profiles working scenarios to be demonstrated and the compliance with the Bluetooth LE profiles specifications to be tested.
Each profile test application comes with a complete set of headers, source files and project files.
The SW package supports the BlueNRG-LP kit platforms available on the relative web pages.
  • All features

    • Bluetooth Low Energy profiles library SW package supporting the BlueNRG-LP Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) system-on-chip
    • Bluetooth Low Energy profiles binary libraries for central and peripheral roles
    • Bluetooth Low Energy profiles APIs and event callback interfaces
    • Bluetooth Low Energy stack binary library
    • Bluetooth Low Energy profiles test applications
    • Bluetooth LE middlewares
    • BlueNRG-LP CMSIS files
    • BlueNRG-LP peripheral drivers
    • BlueNRG-LP SDK and HAL drivers
    • BlueNRG-LP kit platforms support

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