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Controller only BLE firmware binaries for family

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Product overview


The is a family of ready-to-use programmable wireless box kits for developing any IoT application based on remote data gathering and evaluation.

It exploits the full kit potential by leveraging both motion and environmental data sensing, along with a digital microphone.

It enhances connectivity and smartness in all environments thanks to a BlueNRG SoC implementing a Bluetooth® Low Energy wireless technology acting as network coprocessor.

The hardware node is a board that fits into the palm of your hand with a long-life rechargeable battery.

The Bluetooth® Low Energy protocol stack is composed by three different layers: the host, the controller, and the radio hardware. The user application interfaces directly to the Bluetooth® Low Energy host layer.

The network coprocessor can implement all the three layers. This configuration is the default when the board is released: Host + controller + radio layers running on network coprocessor/application running on MCU.

Alternatively, a network coprocessor can implement only two layers. This configuration is required by systems, like Zephyr RTOS, where the host layer is implemented as part of their Bluetooth® Low Energy stack solution: controller + radio layers running on network coprocessor / application + host layer running on MCU.

To support the latter configuration systems, the network coprocessor must be upgraded with a controller only Bluetooth® Low Energy firmware version.

The Bluetooth® Low Energy firmware binary images parts of this repo are of the controller only type and are currently available for STEVAL-MKSBOX1V1 and STEVAL-MKBOXPRO.

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    • Link to GitHub repository containing controller-only firmware for different Bluetooth® Low Energy SoCs used on boards family

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