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Evaluation firmware for STEVAL-PLC001V1

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Product overview


The STSW-PLC001 is the preloaded firmware package for the STEVAL-PLC001V1 board that allows selecting different use cases through the board touchscreen.

You can choose among several use cases: DIDO in which each digital output (DO) mimics the corresponding digital input (DI); Information that displays the board info; Ladder logic, which is a simple ladder logic example; Self-test, which consists of a series of tests for touchscreen display, external memories (SRAM and Flash) and input and output channels with predefined pattern loopback connections; User defined, which contains use cases defined by the user.

The firmware package provides user API functions to invoke board support routines, such as APIs to access each of the 12 digital inputs and 12 digital outputs individually or collectively (per module). Other APIs check faults in input/output modules, control HMI back-light intensity, debug LEDs, enable or disable a module.

The firmware also includes FreeRTOS™ real-time operating system for microcontrollers, as well as sample predefined on/off delay and retentive timers. It also provides source code, STM32CubeMX files, STM32 HAL, and LL libraries to access the hardware.

STM32 TouchGFX graphics engine based HMI displays the board and application status. It also gathers user inputs.

  • All features

    • Framework to use STEVAL-PLC001V1 evaluation board modules including TouchGFX-based HMI
    • Simple user APIs to access each of the 12 digital inputs and 12 digital outputs individually or collectively (per module)
    • Fault and status reporting
    • Board support utility routines and predefined software timers
    • Demo use cases including board information mode
    • Easily expandable to include user-defined use cases, including ladder logic

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