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ST Quuppa tag emulation

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The STSW-QUUPPA-ETAG evaluation software package provides the ST Quuppa tag emulation library and the associated demonstration application. It allows building a Quuppa tag emulation device that features the location-tracking capability, multiple sensors data provisioning, and a framework for custom back-channel commands to be used through the Quuppa proprietary positioning system.

The ST Quuppa tag emulation library is built according to the specifications of the Quuppa tag emulation and Quuppa tag back channel based on the Bluetooth® Low Energy wireless technology. It also supports a set of Quuppa preconfigured profiles, which define specific tag features.

The ST Quuppa tag emulation is implemented on top of the standard Bluetooth® Low Energy specification and the related channels. You can build it within the STSW-BNRGLP-DK software package for the BlueNRG-LP/BlueNRG-LPS Bluetooth® Low Energy stack v3.1x family.

Unzip/extract the file under your local STSW-BNRGLP-DK installation folder.

The STSW-BNRGLP-DK Projects\BLE_Examples folder contains the BLE_Quuppa_Tag_Library folder, which includes the ST Quuppa tag emulation library, the application header, the source files, and the BLE_Quuppa_Tag_with_Lib folder, which includes the demonstration application projects. The supported IDE toolchains are IAR Embedded Workbench for Arm, Keil® MDK-ARM, and STSW-WISE-STUDIO.

The STSW-BNRGLP-DK Docs folder includes the st_quuppa_tag_emulation_release_notes_html and the st_quuppa_tag_emulation_apis_html folders as well as the index_st_tag.html. These documents provide information about the ST Quuppa tag emulation solution (index_st_tag.html is the documentation entry point).

The STSW-QUUPPA-ETAG software package supports the STEVAL-IDB011V1, STEVAL-IDB011V2, and STEVAL-IDB012V1 platforms.

  • All features

    • Software package to support the BlueNRG-LP/BlueNRG-LPS ST Quuppa tag emulation
    • ST Quuppa tag emulation library
    • ST Quuppa tag emulation demonstration application for ST tag tracking on the related Quuppa positioning system
    • ST Quuppa tag emulation preconfigured profiles

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