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GUI for STW81200 evaluation board

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Product overview


The STW81200-EVB evaluation kit allows the user to program and operate the STW81200 RF fractional/integer synthesizer and its integrated VCOs and LDOs.

The kit includes PC-compatible software with a Graphical User Interface (STSW-RFSOL002) allowing the user to write and read all device registers. This gives direct control of circuit functions such as: operating frequency, reference frequency, input mode, charge pump current and low-power modes.

The user-oriented GUI aids understanding of the performance, features and characteristics of the STW81200 device under test in a laboratory environment. The GUI displays instant register descriptions when the user slides the mouse over the displayed areas, command buttons and fields.

  • All features

    • PCB-mounted STW81200 ultra low noise RF fractional/integer IC synthesizer with integrated VCOs and LDOs.
    • PC-compatible graphical user interface (GUI) giving:
      • Direct read/write access to device registers
      • Instant display of register field descriptions.

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