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Firmware package for the STEVAL-SILPLC01, featuring EtherCAT and X-CUBESTL safety library package for STM32

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Product overview


The STSW-SILPLC is a firmware package (not included in the TÜV Italia (TÜV SUD Group) assessment) that implements the basic functions to meet the standard requirements for a SIL2 application.

The API supports the output driving in operating mode as well as the diagnostic and the out safe state condition in case a fault event occurs, as required by the IEC61508, to guarantee the SIL2 level.

The firmware also implements undervoltage/overvoltage detection, IPS supply voltage interruption, and output disablement in case of a fault with protection activation.

Three different communication channels manage all the commands and diagnostic: the Ethernet real-time that supports the EtherCAT slave stack protocol, the RS485 with a customized serial communication, and the VCOM that uses the ST-LINK programmer (suggested for debug).

The application firmware supports the usage of the self-test library included in the X-CUBE-STL package certified by TÜV Rheinland. To access the full X-CUBE-STL package, contact your ST representative and sign an NDA.

  • All features

    • Digital output supply voltage interruption mechanism
    • Diagnostic coverage supported by a dedicated API
    • Safety function management
    • X-CUBE-STL self-test library certified by TÜV Rheinland according to IEC61508 (this is the only firmware component with the official certification)
    • Ethernet real-time communication with the EtherCAT slave stack, which supports daisy chain node connection
    • Fieldbus communication with the RS485 serial interface
    • BSP libraries for the on-board IC management
    • STM32 framework compliance

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