LIN Drivers Libraries for SPC56 Microcontrollers

The STMicroelectronics LIN 2.1 driver API is provided together with some examples of important files required for getting started and for driver configuration. The implementation is in accordance with the LIN 2.1 specification.

Key Features

  • Master-slave node communications
  • Compliant with LIN specification package, revision 2.0, 23-September-2003
  • Compliant with LIN specification package, revision 2.1, 24-November-2006


Technical Documentation

Product Specifications
Description Version Size
DB2263 DB2263: LIN drivers for SPC56x microcontrollers 1.0 162 KB
User Manuals
Description Version Size
UM1729 UM1729: LIN 2.1 Driver Suite Master Node User’s Guide 1.1 598 KB
UM1716 UM1716: LIN 2.1 Driver Suite Slave Node User's Guide 1.1 598 KB


License Agreement
Description Version Size
SLA0056 SLA0056: Software license agreement 1.10 58 KB

Get Software

Part Number Software Version Marketing Status Supplier Download
STSW-SPC56002FW 0.9.5 Active ST


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