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I2C code for Serial RTC

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Product overview


The STSW-SRTC001 is a demo software package that can be used, for example, to drive the real-time clock devices by the 8051 microcontroller using the I²C serial interface.

The software shows how to access and config the I²C serial interface, how to access the timekeeper registers and also how to write and read into the internal RAM registers.

  • All features

    • I²C demo sourcing code for the following serial IF RTC devices:
      • M41T0/T00/T11/T56 (I²C - 8 bytes RTC Reg. map)
      • M41T80/T81 (I²C - 20 bytes RTC Reg. map)
      • M41ST85W (I²C - 20 bytes RTC Reg. map)
      • M41ST87W (I²C – 144 bytes RTC Reg. map)

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