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Application executable of the ST25 Out Of Band demo Android Application

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Product overview


The ST25DV-I2C BLE out-of-band pairing demonstration software shows how NFC can be used to improve the security of BLE connections.

NFC provides an additional communication channel between a Bluetooth device and an Android phone. This extra communication channel is used to exchange data (called out-of-band data) used during the Bluetooth pairing, preventing MITM attacks.

This Android application (STSW-ST25005), its source code (STSW-ST25006), an STM32 firmware (STSW-ST25DV004) and user manual UM2710 are available on

An STM32WB55 microcontroller (on the MB1355C board) and an X-NUCLEO-NFC04A1 board are required to run the demonstration software.

  • All features

    • Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) pairing with OOB (out-of-band) information exchanged through NFC using ST25DV-I2C series Dynamic NFC Tags
    • Secure BLE connection
    • Secure simple pairing
    • Protection against MITM (man-in-the-middle) attacks

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