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Firmware for ST25DV64KC-DISCO kit

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Product overview


The STSW-ST25DV002 package contains all source files to compile firmware for the ST25DV64KC-DISCO boards.

It is built on top of STM32Cube software libraries and methodology and it provides many examples of the capabilities of the ST25DV-I2C Dynamic Tag.

Some features of the demonstration require a reader (such as the CR95HF and its associated PC software) or a smartphone with the ST25 NFC Tag application software package installed.

  • All features

    • Fast transfer mode demonstrations (achieved through a proprietary protocol)
      • Firmware upgrade
      • Picture download/upload
    • Read/store NDEF messages
      • NFC forum NDEF library
      • Additional NFC forum Type 5 Tag wrapper
    • Additional features of the ST25DV-I2C
      • Interrupts from the ST25DV-I2C to the MCU, using the dedicated GPO
      • Energy harvesting to power an additional component
      • Manage ST25DV-I2C state: RF enable/disable/sleep, low-power down state
      • Password and memory area management: 64-bits password authentication, specific read/write protection for any of the four possible memory areas
      • I2C driver to communicate between a STM32 microcontroller and the ST25DV-I2C
    • Based on the STM32Cube software libraries and methodology

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