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Firmware for ST25DV-I2C Wifi Mediated handover demo with TNEP

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Product overview


The ST25 mediated handover demonstration shows how an ST25DV-I2C NFC dynamic tag can ease the connection of a device to a Wi-Fi network, using a smartphone as a mediator. This demonstration implements the NFC Forum mediated handover protocol to communicate the Wi-Fi network credentials to the device, and the TNEP protocol to manage the communication between the smartphone and the ST25DV-I2C NFC dynamic tag. The B-L4S5I-IOT01A board (orderable from is required to run the demonstration. The firmware (STSW-ST25DV008), the Android™ application (STSW-ST25007) with its source code (STSW-ST25008) and the user manual are available on

  • All features

    • NFC Forum mediated handover to connect a device to a Wi-Fi® network
    • NFC Forum TNEP to communicate with an ST25DV-I2C Dynamic tag
    • Firmware running on B-L4S5I-IOT01A board

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