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ST25 Discovery board firmware for ST25DV-I2C PHDC demo

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Product overview


The STSW-ST25DV012 software package is based on the ISO/IEEE 11073 personal health device (PHD) standards, a set of standards that address the interoperability of medical devices and associated data.

The STSW-ST25DV012 ST25DV PHDC demonstration shows the use of a dual-interface ST25DV Dynamic NFC tag in enabling the communication between a glucometer agent and a smartphone manager using the ISO/IEEE 11073-20601 PHDC standard.

Firmware running on an ST25DV Discovery kit simulates the glucometer agent. The manager can be an Android™ or iOS™ application.

STSW-ST25DV012 is demonstrated on the ST25DV64KC ST25DV Dynamic NFC tag. The STSW-ST25DV012 software package contains all the source files to compile the firmware for the related ST25DV64KC-DISCO Discovery kit.

The following STMicroelectronics products contribute to the ST25DV PHDC demonstration:

  • Software:
    • STSW-ST25DV012: STM32L476VG firmware for the ST25DV PHDC demonstration
    • STSW-ST25IOS012: iOS™ application for ST25DV PHDC demonstration
  • Hardware:
    • ST25DV64KC-DISCO: ST25 Discovery kit with ST25DV64KC antenna

  • All features

    • ISO/IEEE 11073-20601 personal health device communication (PHDC) exchange between agent and manager
    • ISO/IEEE 11073-10417 device specialization for glucometer agent (simulated)
    • Transport implementation choice between
      • NFC Forum PHDC using NDEF exchanges
      • Fast transfer mode (FTM) of ST25DV64KC

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