Product overview


The STSW-ST25R018 package contains the source files to compile firmware for the STEVAL-25R3916B board.

The firmware includes the RFAL driver for the ST25R3916B high performance NFC universal device and EMVCo reader, running on an STM32L476 microcontroller.

The package is built on top of STM32Cube software libraries and methodology, and provides several examples of the capabilities of the ST25R3916B device.

The USB mode features allow the user to run the full set of ST5R3916B demonstrations with a PC on which the software has been installed (using STSW-ST25R010, the software installer for STEVAL-25R3916B GUI).

STSW-ST25R018 is available for free download from

  • All features

    • Reader/writer demonstration
      • Tag inventory, read and write
      • Support of all NFC standard protocols
      • Dynamic power output (DPO)
      • NFC Forum NDEF messages
    • Card emulation demonstration
      • NFC Forum Type 4A Tag emulation (all tag types supported in USB mode)
      • NFC Forum NDEF messages
      • Dynamic power output (DPO)
      • Possibility to be written by a reader or by a smartphone
    • Peer to peer (P2P) demonstration
      • Initiator and target roles
      • Active and passive modes
      • NFC Forum NDEF messages
      • Message reception from a peer device (reader or smartphone)
    • Automatic antenna tuning (AAT) demonstration
      • Configures variable capacitances to get the best performance from the antenna
      • Fast, fully automated algorithm
    • USB mode: control of the device with a PC to run the full set of ST25R3916B demonstrations
      • Based on STM32Cube software libraries and methodologies

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