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Firmware for EVAL-ST95HF

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Product overview


The STSW-ST95HF001 software package contains all source files to compile firmware for the EVAL-ST95HF board.

This firmware, built on top of STM32 standard library software technology, includes drivers for ST95HF devices (NFC reader and card emulation), running on STM32.

The firmware is an example of CR95HF capabilities in reader, card emulation and proprietary P2P communication modes.

  • All features

    • SPI/UART drivers to communicate between STM32 and ST95HF
    • Tag reader
      • Tag Hunting
      • Tag Detect wake-up
      • Tag reading
      • PC link mode
    • Tag writer
      • Write NDEF
    • Tag emulator
      • Emulate NDEF message
    • Card Emulator
      • File transfer
    • Proprietary Peer to Peer
      • P2P Pong
      • P2P Data transfer
    • Based on STM32 MCU standard library.

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