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STPM32/33/34 evaluation software

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Product overview


The STPM3x evaluation software is a graphical user interface to read, configure and calibrate the STPM3x energy metering ICs, suitable for parallel and USB hardware interfaces and for the UART interface. The application has a unique work area where the user can read device registers and write configuration and calibration parameters. The application parameters (such as sensor sensitivity, AFE parameters) of a selected device can be configured to return measured power, current and voltage. Data acquisition can be set to read one or more data samples from the device, and the same data can be output in table format and saved as an excel file. Wizard tools are provided to guide the user during the application design and to automatically calibrate the device. The current session data can be saved in a project at any time; an existing project can be opened or a new project can be created.

  • All features

    • Read and configure STPM3x devices
    • Suitable for parallel and USB dongles and UART interfaces
    • Single read or sampling available
    • Automatic conversion of registers reading voltage, current, power and energy values
    • Application design wizard for target ratings
    • Automatic calibration procedure for:
      • Amplitude
      • Phase shift
      • Power offset
    • Application and configuration can be saved to file and loaded from it
    • Based on .NET 2.0 framework

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