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Graphical User Interface for STUSB45

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Product overview


The STSW-STUSB002 is a free graphical interface (GUI) aimed at customizing seamlessly the STUSB devices through direct access to non-volatile-memory (NVM).

The tool allows NVM area to be read, configured and written without dedicated software skills, thanks to a graphical interface.

The utility also provides a basic panel to read and write I²C registers at any device address and any register address, as well as a device dashboard.

The software can be used with the evaluation boards from the STUSB devices stacked on a NUCLEO-F072RB controller board. The device selection is done automatically at power-up, as far as the Nucleo is flashed and configured in order to act as a USB to I²C bridge (.bin included).

  • All features

    • Access to the STUSB non-volatile-memory
    • Read and write any I2C register address
    • Device dashboard
    • Operating system required: Microsoft Windows

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