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WiSE-Studio free IDE for Windows, Linux, MAC OS

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Product overview


The STSW-WISE-STUDIO package provides the WiSE-Studio Eclipse IDE, GCC toolchain based, supporting the BlueNRG family Bluetooth® Low Energy systems-on-chips (BlueNRG-1, BlueNRG-2, BlueNRG-LPS, BlueNRG-LP) and associated evaluation platforms.

The WiSE-STUDIO toolchain is provided free of charge for the user and it is based on standard GCC C/C++ compiler.

The tool offers an IDE environment allowing a specific user application to be built for the selected device, defining all the specific compile, assembler and linker options and to compile and run the application on the associated target device.

Furthermore, the tool offers standard debug capabilities to debug the user application through the selected SWD channel. CMSIS-DAP, J-Link, ST-Link/V2 are the supported SWD HW channels provided that the specific tool does not add any specific filter on the supported device.

The STSW-WISE-STUDIO IDE also includes the IO Mapper tool. This tool provides a graphical user interface allowing to setup the BlueNRG-LP and BlueNRG-LPS pins, peripherals settings and the related devices configuration. Then, it allows to generate the associated header and source files with related IDE projects (WiSE-STUDIO, IAR EWARM and KEIL MDK-ARM are supported).

For more information on how to use the tool, refer to the “Quick start” section provided under “WiSE-Studio User Guide” in the help menu of the tool.

The WISE-Studio is delivered through three different software packages supporting the following platforms:

Furthermore, on Linux® platforms, the GNU Make and libncurses5 must be installed:

On MAC® OS platforms, the GNU Make must be installed (it is usually installed by Xcode).

  • All features

    • Eclipse IDE
    • Support for the BlueNRG-LPS, BlueNRG-LP, BlueNRG-1, BlueNRG-2 evaluation platforms
    • GCC C/C++ compiler
    • GDB-based debugger
    • SWD channel support
    • No code size limit and free of charge
    • OS support: Windows®, Linux®, MAC® OS
    • IOMapper tool

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STM32WB0 series is strongly recommended for any new design further to the BlueNRG-LP/LPS rebranding.