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GUI for wireless M-Bus stack evaluation of ST Sub-1GHz devices

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Product overview


The STSW-WMBUS-GUI (wM-Bus demo suite) is a PC application to easily evaluate the features of the wM-Bus firmware running on ST Sub-1GHz devices.

The application is used for automatic, gas, water, electricity and heat meter readings.

The X-NUCLEO-S2868A1/STEVAL-FKI868V2 boards mounted on NUCLEO-L152RE/NUCLEO-L053R8/NUCLEO-F401RE boards create hardware platforms for testing a wM-Bus stack which communicates with PC using the VCOM protocol (with a default baud rate of 115200).

The compatible STM32 Nucleo boards must have the wM-Bus firmware loaded (for further details, refer to UM1904 for X-CUBE-SUBG1 on

The wM-Bus stack can be easily configured in different wM-Bus modes (sniffer mode and concentrator mode) and packets transactions can be captured using a GUI.

Using any terminal utility on PC, AT commands can be sent to the board to reconfigure wM-Bus stack in the desired mode.

The command/response can also be seen on the PC-GUI for the data concentrator unit by programming the board with the Conc-PC-GUI workspace selectable from the dropdown menu in the firmware project.

  • All features

    • Graphical user interface to evaluate the wM-Bus firmware library
    • Identification of hardware and firmware:
      • Automatically identifies the connected evaluation board running the wM-Bus firmware
      • Reads wM-Bus device identification (serial number, vendor, version)
    • Easy configuration of the wM-Bus stack:
      • Reads and writes configuration settings of the wM-Bus stack
      • Sets wM-Bus modes like T, S, C, F, R
      • Sets channel and packet format
      • Sets radio RSSI and Tx power parameters
      • Enables/disables the encryption and sets the encryption key
    • Meter database management:
      • Manages meter database on the firmware which supports the feature
      • Adds and removes new meters
      • Updates meter settings
      • Assigns friendly name for easy identification of the meters
    • Sniffer mode:
      • Can work as a wM-Bus sniffer when used with the firmware with sniffer feature
      • Displays sent and received packets
      • Decodes wM-Bus packets
    • Supported devices:
      • STEVAL-IKR002V4 with daughter board
    • Developer-friendly license terms

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