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Dead Reckoning Automotive Way - Sensor fusion firmware for Teseo Family

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Product overview


TESEO-DRAW firmware is a multi-sensors data fusion hub for Teseo family IC’s.

Thanks to filtering and predictive algorithms TESEO-DRAW augments user’s positioning experience in terms of accuracy and availability, especially when GNSS signal is degraded by environmental conditions (tunnels, urban canyon, indoor parking and multilevel highways junctions).

Vehicle’s position, height, heading and velocity are calculated by a Kalman filter, which fuses information coming from GNSS satellites with data coming from sensors such as gyroscope, accelerometer, odometer and temperature sensors.

TESEO-DRAW is provided bundle with ST TESEO GNSS multiconstellation receiver IC’s.

  • All features

    • Flexible firmware solution, supporting different configurations:
      • Classic
      • CAN gyro
      • Mixed
      • Differential Wheel Pulse (DWP)
    • Sensors over UART
    • Automatic free mount
    • Automatic sensors and temperature compensation
    • 3D dead reckoning
    • Map matching feedback