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STSPIN32G4 & STDRIVE101 demonstration board for driving two BLDC motors

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Product overview


The EVSPIN32G4-DUAL is a demonstration board based on the STSPIN32G4 and STDRIVE101 for applications using two three-phase brushless motors.

The STSPIN32G4 is a system in package integrating in a 9x9 mm VFQFPN package, a triple high-performance half-bridge gate driver with a rich set of programmable features and one mixed signal STM32G431 microcontroller. The STDRIVE101 is a triple half-bridge gate driver in a compact 4x4 VFQPN package featuring 600 mA current capability and embedded protections.

The two power stages based on the STL110N10F7 power MOSFETs can simultaneously operate up to 10 Arm output current and 74 V supply, providing dedicated monitoring for temperature and bus voltage, drain-source voltage sensing of power MOSFETs and overcurrent protection.

The board allows sensor-less operation with single shunt current sensing taking advantage of operational amplifiers inside STSPIN32G4 as well as sensor-based control algorithms thanks to dedicated inputs for each motor among Hall sensors, quadrature encoder or absolute encoder with SSI communication interface.

Thanks to the integrated voltage regulators both the gate driver and control logic supplies can be generated starting from the motors’ supplies without dedicated circuitry.

Predisposition for CAN bus enables the EVSPIN32G4-DUAL to easily connect with master or slave modules and build complex motion control systems.

  • All features

    • Two power stages based on the STL110N10F7 power MOSFETs with output current up to 10 Arms and protected to overcurrent conditions.
    • Independent bus voltage from 10 V to 74 V with dedicated monitoring.
    • STSPIN32G4, high performance three-phase motor controller with embedded STM32G431 MCU:
      • 32-bit Arm Cortex-M4 MCU+FPU
      • Up to 170 MHz clock frequency
      • CORDIC mathematical hardware accelerator for trigonometric functions
      • 128 KB flash memory with proprietary code readout protection (PCROP), securable memory area, 1 KB OTP
      • 32 KB SRAM memory with hardware parity check
      • 2 x advanced timers for motor control, 16-bit with up to 6 x PWM channels each
      • 2 x ADCs 12-bit resolution (up to 19 channels) with 4 Msps conversion rate
      • 4 x ultra-fast rail-to-rail comparators
      • 3 x rail-to-rail operational amplifiers usable also in PGA mode
      • Internal high precision voltage reference
      • VCC buck converter up to 200 mA, with programmable output and embedded MOSFET
      • 3.3 V LDO linear regulator up to 150 mA
      • Low quiescent linear regulator for MCU supply in standby mode
      • Regulators with full set of protection features; thermal shutdown, short-circuit, and overload protections
      • 75 V rated gate drivers with 1A sink/source current and embedded bootstrap diodes
      • Drain-source voltage sensing of each power MOSFET
    • STDRIVE101, triple half-bridge gate driver:
      • 75 V rated gate drivers with 600 mA sink/source current and embedded bootstrap diodes
      • Two input strategies: ENx/INx with adjustable deadtime generation or INHx/INLx with interlocking
      • Very short propagation delay of 40 ns, matched among channels
      • 12 V LDO linear regulator up to 50 mA
      • Drain-source voltage sensing of each power MOSFET
      • Overcurrent comparator
      • UVLO and thermal shutdown protections
      • Standby mode for low current consumption operations
    • Single-shunt differential current sensing using embedded operational amplifiers.
    • Inputs for speed/position feedback available for both motors:
      • Digital hall sensors
      • Incremental quadrature encoders
      • Absolute encoders
    • Full set of communication interfaces: I²C, SPI, UART
    • Predisposition for CAN bus
    • NTC sensors for power stages temperature monitoring

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