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ST25RU3993 reader IC evaluation board

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Recommended replacement product: ST25RU3993-HPEV


The ST25RU3993-EVAL board is a RAIN® RFID (UHF) reader system based on the ST25RU3993 integrated reader IC. The objective of the ST25RU3993-EVAL board is to provide engineers, students and technically interested people with a comprehensive RAIN RFID reader system, which allows evaluation of the properties and the feature set of the ST25RU3993. For this purpose the architecture of the ST25RU3993-EVAL board combines a high RF power, long-range reader and a low RF power, short-range RAIN RFID reader. In addition the ST25RU3993-EVAL board has been fitted with numerous easy to access test points and measurement possibilities.

The ST25RU3993-EVAL is controlled by a graphical user interface (GUI) running on a host PC through a USB/UART bridge (it requires a driver installation). The GUI can be found on

The ST25RU3993-EVAL is powered through a USB3.0 port to correctly operate the high RF power long-range configuration of the reader. If a USB3.0 port is not available, a USB2.0 Y-cable or an external power supply can be used to enable the long-range capabilities of the reader. If neither is available only the low RF power short-range reader configuration is available.

The ST25RU3993-EVAL provides two SMB (male) antenna connectors, which can be controlled via the GUI. To enable scanning for RAIN RFID transponders the user must connect the provided kit antenna or a suitable 50 Ω UHF antenna for the targeted frequency range.

The ST25RU3993-EVAL board supports frequency channels ranging from 840 to 960 MHz and Arm®-based devices.

  • All features

    • Based on the ST25RU3993 RAIN® (UHF) RFID reader IC
      • ISO/IEC 18000-63:2015 / Gen2V2
      • ISO/IEC 18000-62:2012
    • Two SW-controlled power amplifier (PA) options
      • External PA: 29 dBm max TX power
      • Internal PA: 18 dBm max TX power
      • Configurable TX power level
      • Power detector to monitor TX power
      • Carrier cancellation circuitry enabling pre- and re-tuning
      • Automatic / manual carrier cancellation
      • Differential RX input
      • Maximum sensitivity: -80 dBm
      • Maximum tag read rate: 700 tags/s (with 16-bit tag EPC length)
      • External reference: 20 MHz TCXO, clipped sine wave
      • External reference option: 20 MHz crystal
      • Frequency: 840 to 960 MHz
      • Adaptive / manual anti-collision slot handling
      • Continuous modulated RF output mode
      • Continuous wave RF output mode
      • Two antenna connectors: SMB (F)
      • Automatic / manual antenna port switching
      • Reflected power measurement
      • Carrier sense (LBT)
      • Transponder RSSI display
      • Direct command support
      • Transponder EPC read / write
      • Application start based on transponder reads
      • Generic custom transponder command tool
      • Store / recall reader configuration
      • Configurable register map
    • Host interface and supply
      • USB / UART bridge
      • USB receptacle: Micro, B-type
      • Main supply: 5 V USB (3.0)
    • MCU
      • STM32L476RGT6 (Arm® 32-bit Cortex®-M4)
      • 64 MHz
      • 128-Kbyte RAM
      • 1-Mbyte Flash memory
      • SPI mode 1 (4 MHz)
      • Firmware programmable through USB / UART
      • SWD debug interface
    • LED Indicators
      • Power amplifier selection
      • Carrier cancellation tuning activity
      • Carrier cancellation tuning OK
      • OSC OK (20 MHz external reference)
      • PLL OK
      • RF ON
      • No tag response
      • Tag CRC error
      • Tag found
      • Active antenna port
      • Power amplifier option
      • BT OK (not installed)
    • Test points
      • In-circuit RF power levels and signals
      • RFID communication TX and RX
      • UART and SPI signal lines
      • UART_LOG for debug purposes
      • Control voltage of internal VCO
      • RF power detector output voltage
      • 20 MHz reference signal
      • External PA BIAS voltage
      • LDO output voltages
      • LDOs: 0 Ω resistor for current consumption measurement
      • Main supply: jumper for current consumption measurement
    • Buttons
      • MCU reset
      • MCU boot mode
      • BT module reset button (optional)
    • Buzzer (optional)
    • Wireless interface (optional)
      • BT4.0 - SPP profile
      • JTAG interface: for BT module programming
      • BT module boot mode jumper (optional)

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