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System platform with multiconnectivity and multisensors for IIoT application

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Product overview


Industrial IoT (IIoT) is driving technological innovation and progress in machinery and production systems. IIoT becomes more connected, with greater flexibility and control. The same technologies are gaining interest in structural health monitoring (SHM).

The STDES-CBMLoRaBLE proposes an innovative modular system platform, which incorporates multiple sensors, allowing many application scenarios.

The platform is based on sensors monitor vibration, environmental, inclinometer, and multiple wireless connectivities, short and long range.

The main applications fields are industry and energy farms (when performing condition-based monitoring), telecommunication applications (used for pointing, leveling, and stabilizing radars and antennas), smart buildings, and infrastructure (used for leveling and structural health inclination).

The hardware design consists of three boards: one main board and two expansion boards with sensors.

The modularity allows the user to place the expansion close to the equipment, using an easy-to-use PCB flexible expansion cable.

Monitoring is based on the edge processing running on the STM32WB5MMG microcontroller. This is the key element for all large-scale applications.

Raw data streams can easily exceed the bandwidth limits of the technology used, or even the processing capabilities of the servers network and cloud systems.

For these reasons, short and long-range connectivity have been considered (Bluetooth® Low Energy and LoRa) featured by an STM32WB5MMG module and an STM32WL55JC SoC. They enable nearby and remote monitoring via the STBLESensor mobile app and the DSH-PREDMNT AWS dashboard.

These technologies can be used at the same time, via their user interfaces, for monitoring and setup purposes.

  • All features

    • Industrial sensor node platform based on multiconnectivity and multisensors for condition-based maintenance and structural health monitoring
    • Flexible and modular platform based on:One main board built around a solderable PCB module with STM32WB5MMG 2.4 GHz wireless dual core SoC module, as main application processor, supporting Bluetooth, and STM32WL55JC Sub 1-GHz wireless dual core SoC, as network processor, supporting multimodulation (LoRa and GFSK)Two expansion boards embedding motion, inclinometer, and environmental sensors: IIS3DWB, ISM330DHCX, IIS2ICLX, STTS22H, ILPS22QS, with customized connector for mounting stacked on top of the main or remotely with a flexible PCBPower management system architecture optimized to extend battery life and to handle the following supply voltages: industrial bus from 12 to 48 V, controlled by the L7983 switching regulator; USB Type-C®: 5 V; primary battery: 3.6 to 4.5 V
    • Range connectivity compatible with the STBLESensor app (Android and iOS) for nearby control and monitoring, and firmware update via fast FUOTA
    • Long-range connectivity, based on LoRaWAN®, compatible with the DSH-PREDMNT AWS cloud-based web application for condition and structural monitoring

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