Multi-sensor RF platform sensors board

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  • The STEVAL-IDI003V2 is an evaluation platform for testing multiple MEMS sensors from STMicroelectronics. It is used in conjunction with the STEVAL-IDI002V2, as a daughterboard for the evaluation of the multi-sensor RF platform based on 6LowPAN. The STEVAL-IDI003V2 includes a MEMS accelerometer, pressure sensor, humidity sensor, and microphone. It also includes a photodiode. It connects to the STEVAL-IDI002V2 interface board using a 10-pin connector.

    Key Features

    • Contains the following ST sensors:
      • Pressure sensor LPS25HB
      • Humidity sensor HTS221
      • Accelerometer LIS3DH
      • Microphone MP34DT01
    • AFE for processing the MP34DT01 microphone signal based on TSV522 low power, low offset op-amp
    • Android app available
    • RoHS compliant