Design Win

Cost effective ultrasound pulser IC evaluation board based on the STHV748

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Product overview

Recommended replacement product: STEVAL-IME015V1


The STEVAL-IME011V1 evaluation board is designed around the STHV748 4-channel, 5-level high voltage pulser, a state-of-the-art device designed for ultrasound imaging applications. The STEVAL-IME011V1 offers a simple way to evaluate the ultrasound pulser IC, thanks also to a graphical user interface.

Once the output waveforms are configured, they can be displayed directly on an oscilloscope by connecting the scope probe to the relative BNCs.

  • All features

    • 4-channel outputs: high voltage and low voltage BNC connectors
    • Up to 4 memory locations to store user-designed waveforms
    • USB connector to download stored waveforms
    • Dedicated connectors to supply high voltage and low voltage to the STHV748 output stage
    • 4 key button to quickly select the preferred program
    • RoHS compliant