STM32 Discovery Kits

STM32 discovery kits provide affordable and complete solutions to evaluate the application-specific features of STM32 MCUs and MPUs.

These hardware tools allow modular designs and customization, thanks to extension connectors that enable access to most device I/Os. Several STM32 discovery kits come with application-specific features. They also integrate on-board debuggers and programmers, making them ideal for project prototyping and evaluation.

STM32 discovery kits come with comprehensive software examples, which allow developers to leverage device features and benefits.

ST’s most affordable 32-bit MCU, makes 32-bit capabilities accessible to all developers

The STM32C0 series bridges the gap between 8- or 16-bit MCUs and higher performance 32-bit MCUs. Powered by the industry-standard Arm Cortex-M0+ core running at 48 MHz, the STM32C0 lets developers do more with less. It offers up to 32 Kbytes of Flash memory and 6 to 12 Kbytes of RAM, in a variety of 8- to 48-pin packages. 

  • Affordability: helps you reduce costs thanks to an attractive price point and an optimized BOM
  • Reliability: benefits from proven STM32 quality & reliability
  • Continuity: consistent pinout with STM32G0 and shares same technological platform