STM32 MCU & MPU Eval Tools

ST's tools for evaluation of the STM32 MCUs and MPUs, range from highly affordable community enabled tools up to fully equipped boards, ready for evaluation of every single feature of the selected STM32 Family. All ST evaluation boards include an ST-LINK/V2 in-circuit debugger/programmer. 

STM32 Nucleo boards follow a lean approach and are ideal for prototyping and community usage. An Arduino™connector and the ST Morpho connector make an extension with application related add-on hardware easy. All I/Os of the MCU are easily accessible, the boards come with a HAL library and work with IAR, Keil, CCC based IDEs as well as the mbed™ online IDE.

STM32 Discovery kits are cost effective evaluation boards bringing the needed infrastructure for specific device characteristics demonstration. Customers or partners can leverage comprehensive software examples highlighting the STM32 series added values.

The STM32 Eval board concept enables customers to build a complete platform suitable for demonstration or application development. This high end evaluation platform brings all required STM32 Interface, Hardware and Software. This flexibility makes application design easy.

This comprehensive portfolio of evaluation boards is complemented by a wide choice of STM32 evaluation boards developed by ST’s partners.

Discover the additional development tools, such as adapters, and daughter boards, which extend the features and modularity of several STM32 evaluation boards.

These application-specific accessories will allow you to more easily finetune your development.