Motor control starter kit for STM32F100 (128KB Flash) Value Line MCUs

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The STM32100B-MCKIT starter kit is an integrated system designed to provide a complete, ready-to-use motor control application developed around the STMicroelectronics STM32F100 microcontroller. This starter kit is particularly suited to drive three-phase brushless permanent magnet synchronous motors and demonstrates how effectively the low-cost STM32F100 microcontrollers can be used in cost optimized real-world motor control applications. The STM32100B-MCKIT supports Field Oriented Control (FOC) drive of three-phase permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM). Single-shunt resistor current measurement is supported out-of-the-box allowing closed loop torque control. Position measurement can be implemented using quadrature encoder sensors, Hall effect sensors or sensorless algorithms.
The STM32100B-MCKIT starter kit can be run either as a plug-and play, out-of-the-box, demo with the provided PMSM motor, in sensorless torque or speed control mode; or in conjunction with a third-party IDE and C compiler, as a development kit for creating your own motor control application based on STM32F100.
  • All features

    • STEVAL-IHM023v2 (MB991) power stage evaluation board
    • MB871 STM32F100B evaluation board
    • MB535B opto-isolation JTAG board
    • J-link USB.JTAG debugger
    • 24 V DC Shinano PMSM motor
    • An auxiliary power supply block TR30R
    • Cables:
      • Motor cables
      • Motor connector HE10 34-pin cable
      • USB cable
      • Two JTAG cables
    • CD-ROM including:
      • Software
      • PMSM software libraries
      • Documentation