Design Win

Evaluation board with STM32F107VC MCU

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Product overview

Recommended replacement product: STM3210E-EVAL


The STM3210C-EVAL evaluation board is a complete development platform for STMicroelectronic's ARM Cortex-M3 core-based STM32F107VCT microcontroller. The range of hardware features on the board help you to evaluate all peripherals (USB-OTG FS, ethernet, motor control, CAN, microSD CardTM, smartcard, USART, audio DAC, MEMS, EEPROM and more) and develop your own applications.

Extension headers make it easy to connect a daughterboard or wrapping board for your specific application.

  • All features

    • Three 5 V power supply options:
      • power jack
      • USB connector
      • daughterboard
    • Boot from user Flash, system memory or SRAM
    • I2S audio DAC, stereo audio jack
    • 2 GByte microSD Card™ or bigger
    • Both A and B type smartcard support
    • I2C compatible serial interface 64 Kbit EEPROM, MEMS and I/O expander
    • RS-232 channel
    • IrDA transceiver
    • USB OTG full speed, USB microAB connection
    • IEEE-802.3-2002 compliant ethernet connector
    • Two channels of CAN 2.0A/B compliant connection
    • Inductor motor control connector
    • JTAG and trace debug support
    • 3.2” 240x320 TFT color LCD with touch screen
    • Joystick with 4-direction control and selector
    • Reset, wakeup, tamper and user buttons
    • 4 color LEDs
    • RTC with backup battery
    • MCU consumption measurement circuit
    • Extension connector for daughterboard or wrapping board