Thyristors & AC Switches Eval Boards

Intuitive reference design opens the path to compact, innovative designs

Reduce design time and costs with a comprehensive development ecosystem for a rapid evaluation of the capabilities and performance of our thyristor (SCR) and AC switch portfolio.

Ready-to-use boards and firmware let you evaluate application performance in real time to ensure robust circuits that meet EMC standards up to 4 kV delivering a high switching lifetime with reduced EMI emissions.

In-rush current limitation Thyristor Silicon control Rectifier SCR Power factor Corrector PFC

These evaluation tools include full schematics with gate control and zero-crossing detection when needed. Recommendations for passive components for improved immunity and surge capability are also documented.

ST's extensive expertise ensures that your designs are robust, reliable, and straightforward

To help meet all the environmental and energy requirements of the latest cloud-connected autonomous things, ST offers a unique portfolio of thyristors (SCR) and AC switches as well as time- and cost-saving developer resources.

A complete set of documentation including schematic layouts and bills of material for our reference design are available for download.

Ready-to-use firmware to control thyristors and AC switches using a general-purpose STM32 microcontroller is also available as well as easy-to-understand user manuals and helpful application notes.

These tools let you quickly design and evaluate the performance of any application.


Product types:

ST offers a complete developer ecosystem including.

Evaluation boards

Evaluation boards come with all the necessary hardware and software components required to develop and test all the features of a specific function. They help developers save time and money by providing a ready-to-use platform that developers can use to test their ideas and concepts. A complete set of documentation and support materials further help developers get up and running quickly.

Reference designs

Reference designs are pre-designed and pre-tested hardware and software systems that provide a complete blueprint for a specific application, including schematics, layout files, software code, and other design materials.

Created by experienced engineers who have already optimized the design for performance, power consumption, and other important factors, reference designs reduce the risk of design errors or compatibility issues.

To further help developers overcome any challenges they encounter during the design process, a complete set of documentation including schematics, Gerber files, BOM, and other design resources can be downloaded for free.


  • Rapidly evaluate and test your applications using ST thyristors and AC switches.
  • Documentation and other design resources including schematics, Gerber files, and BOM are available for download
  • Design tips to help improve immunity
  • Directly order from our E-store or online distributors (STEVAL boards only).