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Ultra low-power 16 Mbit Serial SPI Page EEPROM

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Product overview


The M95P16-I and M95P16-E (hereinafter referred to complessively as M95P16) are manufactured with ST's advanced proprietary NVM technology. They offer byte flexibility, page alterability, high page cycling performance, and ultra low power consumption, equivalent to that of EEPROM technology.

These devices are a 16-Mbit SPI page EEPROM, organized as 4096 programmable pages of 512 bytes each, accessed through an SPI bus, with high-performance dual- and quad-SPI outputs.

The devices offer two additional (identification) 512-byte pages:

Additional status, configuration and volatile registers set the desired device configuration, while the safety register provides information on the device status.

The M95P16-I operates with a supply voltage from 1.6 to 3.6 V, over an ambient temperature range of ‑40 °C to +85 °C. The M95P16-E offers an extended temperature range, from ‑40 °C to +105 °C. Both devices support a clock frequency of up to 80 MHz.

The M95P16 devices offer byte and page write instructions of up to 512 bytes. Write instructions consist in self-timed auto erase and program operations, resulting in flexible data byte management.

The devices also accept page/block/sector/chip erase commands, to set the memory to an erased state. The memory can then be fast-programmed by 512-byte pages, and further optimized using the Page program with buffer load instruction, to hide the SPI communication latency.

  • All features

    • Interface
      • Supports serial peripheral interface (SPI) and dual/quad outputs
      • Wide voltage range: VCC from 1.6 to 3.6 V
      • Temperature range:
        • -40 °C to +85 °C (industrial)
        • -40 °C to +105 °C (extended)
      • Fast read:
        • 50 MHz read single output
        • 80 MHz fast read single/dual/quad output with one dummy byte
    • Memory
      • 16 Mbit of page EEPROM
        • 32-Kbyte blocks, 4-Kbyte sectors
        • Page size: 512 bytes
        • Two identification pages
      • Write endurance:
        • 500 kcycles on full temperature range
      • Data retention:
        • 100 years
        • 10 years after 500 kcycles
    • Ultra low power consumption
      • 0.6 μA (typ) in Deep power-down mode
      • 16 μA (typ) in Standby mode
      • 800 μA (typ) for read single at 10 MHz
      • 1.5 mA (typ) for page write
      • Current peak control < 3 mA
    • High write/erase performance
      • Fast write/program/erase times:
        • 2.0 ms (typ) for byte and page write (includes auto erase and program) for 512 bytes
        • 1.2 ms (typ) for page program (512 bytes)
        • 1.1 ms (typ) for page erase
        • 1.3 ms (typ) for sector erase
        • 4.0 ms (typ) for block erase
        • 8 ms (typ) for chip erase
      • Page program with buffer load
    • Advanced features
      • ECC for high memory reliability (DEC, TED)
      • Schmitt trigger inputs for noise filtering
      • Output buffer programmable strength
      • Operating status flags for ISO26262
      • Software reset
      • Write protection by block, with top/bottom option
      • Unique ID upon request
      • Electronic identification
      • Supports SFDP (serial flash discoverable parameters) mode
      • JEDEC standard manufacturer identification
    • Package
      • ECOPACK2 (RoHS compliant) and halogen-free packages:
        • DFN8 2 x 3 mm
        • SO8N
        • WLCSP8
    • ESD protection
      • HBM (human body model): 2000 V

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