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ST’s ultra-low-power product lines support a wide number of applications where consumption is critical, such as in portable devices. The STM8L, based on the 8-bit STM8 core, benefits from our proprietary ultra-low-leakage process, shared with the STM32L family, and features an ultra-low power consumption of 0.30 µA with the lowest power mode.

This family is available in four different lines making the STM8L an optimal family to support many applications requiring special care on power savings.

  • STM8L Value line
    • Lowest power mode: 0.35 µA
    • Dynamic run mode: 180 µA/MHz
  • STM8L101 line
    • Lowest power mode: 0.30 µA
    • Dynamic run mode: 150 µA/MHz
  • STM8L151/152 line
    • Lowest power mode: 0.35 µA
    • Dynamic run mode: 180 µA/MHz
  • STM8L162 line
    • Lowest power mode: 0.35 µA
    • Dynamic run mode: 180 µA/MHz

Featured Products

STM8L MCUs now available in 8-pin package!

STM8L Series expands our product portfolio in smaller pin count packages, introducing two part numbers in a SO8 package. 

  • STM8L001J3 targets low-voltage and power-efficient designs, providing minimalist yet essential feature set.
  • STM8L050J3 delivers economy and performance for resource-constrained products.
  • STM8-SO8-DISCO lets users evaluate all three STM8 variants currently available in the popular 8-pin SO8 package.

Configure easily your STM8 MCU using our free configuration tool with user-friendly GUI, the STM8CubeMX. Including several intuitive wizards to help significantly reduce development effort, time and cost. STM8CubeMX is available for Windows®, Linux®and macOS® operating systems.

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