48 V Direct Power Conversion

48V Digital Power Conversion Turnkey solution

Efficiency, Density, Flexibly and Scalability to power next-generation 48V data centers

Responding to power requirements for next-generation data centers, ST introduces a new family of high-performance ICs for efficient power conversion for 48V bus bars.

This new IC family provides data center designers with all the ingredients to customize their system's power distribution according to their needs to achieve the highest level of overall power conversion efficiency.

The flexibility in supporting multiple conversion topologies with scalable power trains ensures an optimized design for both direct conversion and intermediate bus distributions.

The IC family fully complies with the newest features in terms of communication protocols and specific power management requirements: SVI protocol for VR13 (Skylake), VR13.HC (Icelake) and DDR4 platforms; AVSBus based microarchitectures; FPGAs and ASICs featuring PMBus.

The new ICs are key enablers for high power density implementations based on Power Stamp Alliance (PSA) developed products using ST’s technology to ensure final customers of multiple sourcing of on-board isolated and non-isolated DC-DC power converters.

The IC family features:

  • STPDDC60: Universal digital multicell controller with PMBus™
  • PSA60: Digital multicell controller with PMBus™ optimized for PSA designs
  • STPRDC02: High-performance, high-voltage full-bridge driver
  • STPRDC01: Synchronous rectifier smart driver