Battery management Ics

Battery management ICs play an important role in ensuring the safety of users, while making sure they get the most out of their battery-powered devices. Battery management solutions require accurate voltage, current, and temperature measurements to determine the exact state of charge of batteries and battery packs.

Battery management ICs also ensure safety by monitoring cell temperatures during use and charging and cutting energy if temperature limits are reached.


ST Battery management ICs find applications in many sectors and use cases, including digital cameras, small appliances, and even small electric vehicles.

Product types

The ST portfolio of battery management ICs includes:

These devices offer outstanding measurement accuracy (voltage, current, and temperature) and extremely low power consumption in small footprints. They increase battery runtime and lifespan in mobile phones, multimedia players, digital cameras, and other space-constrained portable devices.
These devices offer charge currents from as little as 200 mA to 1.2 A and are ideal for any rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
The ICs provide high measurement accuracy (voltage, current, and temperature) and cell balancing functions with low power consumption. They increase battery runtime, lifespan, and safety in power tools, home appliances, and garden tools, as well as home and industrial energy storage systems.
L7983 - Compact 60 V 300 mA
DC/DC converter

STC3117 provides high accurate battery monitoring

The STC3117 is a gas gauge IC with battery charger control for handheld applications. It includes the ST’s Patented OptimGauge™ algorithm for accurate battery capacity calculation. 

Li-Ion linear charger with load switches and smart reset generator

The STBC02 and STBC03 battery-charger management chips improve integration without compromising performance and power consumption. They combine a linear battery charger, a 150 mA LDO, two SPDT switches and a Protection Circuit Module for the battery. Moreover, the STBC02 features a digital single wire interface and a smart reset/watchdog function.

In addition to a shipping mode that maximizes battery life during the end product’s shelf life, both devices feature a charger enable input to stop the charging process anytime and are automatically powered by the connected battery when the IN pin is not connected to a valid power source (battery mode).

The STBC02/03 offers the perfect solution for wearable and IoT markets, reducing the application cost, footprint and design time.