Supporting up to 3 A of operating current, ST’s single-inductor synchronous buck-boost converters integrate four low on-state resistance power MOSFETs which contribute to PCB saving and reduced power losses, making them ideal for Li-ion battery-powered applications.

The main features of our buck-boost regulators include:

  • Wide input voltage range (from 1.8 to 5.5 V) covering all the main battery solutions
  • High switching frequency (up to 3 MHz) resulting in more compact designs (reduced size of passive components)
  • Full set of monitoring: sync, Pgood and low battery detection
  • Power-save mode at light load for higher efficiency
  • Typical efficiency: > 94%
  • Up to 3 A output current capability
  • Shutdown current < 1 μA for extended battery life

They are mainly used where the input voltage can change from VIN - VOUT > VIN  to  VIN - VOUT < VIN






Output Power:

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